Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

The brevity of this review is the result of several drafts and several days trying to come up with an accurate reflection on the film's craftsmanship, depth, and beauty, as well as Spike Jonze's uncompromising resolve to create something simultaneously reverent and original. Where the Wild Things Are, simply put, is a film about childhood - possibly more specifically about boyhood - and some parents are going to confuse this with being a children's film.

My hope is that children will see this film, despite the fact that it is truly frightening at moments. It is good to be scared at times, it is good to be deeply sad at times, and it is good to be profoundly challenged at times. Spike Jonze's latest is challenging, tragic and frightening, but it is also full of wonder, joy, and family.

This film should not be missed.

Visit this link for the theatrical trailer.